Marijuana in the Music Scene

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Popular culture has seen transformations on the perception of Cannabis or Marijuana through recent decades in large part because of its influence on the music industry. A curious inquiry then surfaces: Does habitually smoking pot affect an artist’s style of music? If yes, how?

To come up with a respectable hypothesis, what you have to do first is find and define a commonality, a common theme or effect, that binds together the style and essence of Marijuana-inspired music. We can then strip these characteristics side by side to proclaim that these indeed originated from a single source – the high obtained from smoking Marijuana’s active chemical, Tetrhydrocannabinol.

You could start with a list of artists of the recent decades who are open about their use of the substance. On the top of the list would be Bob Marley, War, The Doors, Tupac, Ben Harper, Sublime, Kid Cudi, Snoop Dogg, Eric Clapton, the Beatles. Then we could go to those who were a little bit more discreet, but weren’t necessarily denying inclination: Dave Matthews Band, Slipknot, Nirvana, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Radiohead, etc.

The list goes on and on, and apparently would not end. You can literally go hopping around the wide spectrum of genres with a high possibility of stumbling upon a smoker here or there. But if Marijuana-influenced music is everywhere, how then would you define that commonality? It would seem that while smoking Marijuana should have a particular effect, the way its high is interpreted varies from person to person, best characterized by different artists breeding from different genres.

If it can be concluded then that Cannabis evokes different moods and expressions depending on the artist, is it still possible to find a shared ground, other than the axiom of them being Marijuana influenced? Perhaps there is, albeit in a different dimension – the dimension of emotions.

Marijuana has the power to stir emotions and feelings. When such inspiration hits an artist at the right place and time, he is able to translate that emotion to his work in the form of soul, depth, and passion. Hence, the answer you’re looking for can’t be understood by analytical processes, rather it can be felt through emotions –emotions that can be felt if the artist is singing or writing from a real place, a real inspiration that could be obtained from the experience of smoking Marijuana.

And to prove the reality of smoking pot, free music online would be able to show just how common and widespread it has become in the music industry. And whether you consider cannabis medicinal or recreational, there is no denying that it can inspire.

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