Marijuana in the Music Industry

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It is safe to say that smoking marijuana is a trend.

For others, it is a part of their daily routine while in many cases, it is just another way by which people unwind or socialize – like drinking. But whatever the case may be, there are many people who get a lot of good things out of smoking pot, MJ, weed, reefer or whatever their term is.

Music is just one of the examples where smoking weed is widely accepted. Reggae and hip hop music are greatly influenced by this recreational drug. And since music can either reflect or influence cultures, it is safe to assume that smoking cannabis is common among different cultures and generations. It has been included in music since the 70’s where it saw its popularity among people labeled hippies. Yet, it is still a common practice nowadays among teenagers.

Perhaps there is something that makes music and weed such a great combination. For one thing, weed is known for heightening the senses. There is a term called “munchies”, which refers to having a very good appetite after smoking or ingesting weed. This is why medical marijuana is often given to cancer patients who have lost their appetite from chemotherapy. Obviously, the sense of taste is one thing that is affected by weed. So listening to music after smoking weed can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity as well.

To add to that, there are people who experience being more open and honest while they are on their “trip” and that could be another reason that contributes to why smokers write about it or make weed references in their songs. Smoking weed could also make the songwriter more fluid when it comes to writing lyrics and even more creative with the melody and style.

Now what could all of this mean?

Singing songs about it and making music because of weed only goes to show that it is more of a stimulant than a drug. It enhances the senses making people more open-minded and creative. It is even known to cure chronic pains and glaucoma, which is why medical marijuana has already been approved in some states.

If this so called “drug,” is known for heightening the senses and is used as a cure, then why is it illegal? If many artists have been singing about and making money from the music they have written about it after all these years then perhaps there is something good about it and more research should go into how to maximize it instead of prohibit its use.

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