Marijuana and Creativity in the Music World

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The music fraternity has recorded global successes with different personalities, due to their extra ordinary creativity. Most of these achievements in the artistic world have left questions lingering over the real capacity for individuals to summon up concepts, which have left millions clamoring for their ideas. The music sector has had a fair share of high achievers from Bob Marley, the Beatles, Louis Armstrong, and the modern marijuana smoking artists including Wiz Khalifa and his ilk. What remains controversial is whether these artists were originally creative and genius enough to produce bestselling albums, or they just needed a boost from drugs such as marijuana to polish up their music.

Creativity is not guaranteed

It is true that any individual with a deviation from the normal could end up being more creative than a conservative mind, especially where artistic talent counts. Musicians cannot be said though be equal when it comes to composing, recording or even performing their music. When marijuana steps into the picture, it becomes clear that not every artist in the music race can rely on the substance, and make wonders as good as another performer on the scene. Creativity in the studio and stage has a tall order, which revolves around intelligence. This is a defining aspect when musicians turn to marijuana, for the perfect inspiration to keep their careers on a continuous high.

The creative identity

Over time, one of the questions about the moral implication of marijuana use has constantly clashed with the notion whether the drug could be the ideal solution where creativity is needed. Whereas the effects of marijuana studied on different individuals and environments have brought about a mixture of contrasts, it is evident that musicians identify with marijuana properties which allow them to see things in a novel way. This is the core model that makes this drug a prerequisite for additional creativity. With an improved sense to fire connections between spontaneous features and coordinates, a marijuana smoking musician will be at ease churning out inventive lyrics from negligible sources.

The Supporting role

Technically, the drug enhances the production of dopamine, which enables a user to experience a relaxed and ecstatic calm that enables the inner self to fly above the conventions while creating or composing. This makes the creative genius in such a user to flow free from any inhibitions. A good number of music superstars will admit to experiencing a surge in brilliance and aesthetic appreciation. Any experimenting musician will not hesitate to take pleasure in harnessing creativity, even if it will have to come from boosters such as marijuana.

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