How Music Can Help Plants Grow

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For the people who were born with a green thumb, they are aware of the many techniques that are best for plant growth.

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Some of these include how to properly plant them and what kinds of pots to use. Other ways involve the kind of soil and fertilizer to use. But some of the interesting techniques that are said to aid in plant growth are talking to plants and playing music. What is the connection between plant growth and sound?

A book in 1973 by Dorothy Retallack explored the effects of music on her growing plants. In her first experiment, she found that playing music for several hours during the day greatly affects plant growth. She compared three plants: one had music playing constantly, another had music playing for a couple of hours only, and one with no music at all. The plants that had music playing for a couple of hours a day grew the fastest. She did not stop there, she continued experimenting with different kinds of music and found that melodic tunes that are easy on the ears and relaxing are the ones that plants like the most. Aside from them growing at a faster rate, they tend to lean towards the speakers which play the music.

Perhaps what helps the plants grow are the sound waves which the speakers emit. These sound waves release vibrations which may be good for plants aside from water, sunlight, and carbon dioxide.

plant grow music

Talking to plants, which is also recommended, works the same way as music does. But instead of rhythms and beats, the vibrations are the sound of a person’s voice, which could be soothing for them since the one talking is the one who cares for them and gives them their much needed nourishment.

If you are growing marijuana and are hoping to let the plants flourish into buds, then it is important to take proper care of these plants. They are very sensitive and require maximum care. Cannabis cannot be over watered or over fertilized. Also, marijuana seeds are not easy to find depending on which state you live in, so take good care of your plants.

Perhaps talking to them while watering them would help. You can also try the music technique and see if they will grow faster. Free music is easier to come by compared to free weed seeds so take advantage of that and start growing those plants.

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