How Marijuana Made It to the Music Industry

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It could be argued that marijuana is one of the most talked about substances that exist today.

For one reason, it is very controversial. For so many years now, the United States has been debating on whether it should be legalized or not. As of today, there are already 19 states which allow the use of medicinal marijuana.

But as a recreational drug, it seems like it is harmless. It is often compared to tobacco and alcohol, two substances that can cause diseases when they are consumed excessively. And the argument there is that cannabis cannot cause any diseases, illnesses, or harm when taken excessively. The most that can happen is a person falls asleep or sits still instead of being productive.

phonograph marijuana flow

However, if you compare marijuana to smoking, which is a habit, or drinking, which is a way to socialize or to unwind, you will find that smoking marijuana is more of a counter culture. A pothead (what people call a person who regularly smokes marijuana) is someone who enjoys smoking weed in a certain way. Some potheads watch movies while they are high on the substance. Others who get the munchies, end up eating all sorts of food. There are also those who enjoy the simplicity of good music while they are high.

And interestingly enough, music and marijuana go hand in hand. If it has been talked about for so many years, it has also been sung about. It saw its beginnings in the music industry through reggae music. The genre is a product of the Rastafari movement which originated in Jamaica. Marijuana, referred to as ganja, is a part of their spirituality. Common words that appear in their song lyrics are ganja, doobie, and spliff. These are all forms of marijuana which is often smoked.

Decades later and it has made its way to the hip hop scene with artists like Tupac Shakur, Kid Cudi, Jay-Z, and Wiz Khalifa, among others always make mention of weed, reefer, dope, or MJ in their songs. Some songs don’t just mention it, they were written about the culture of smoking it and how they enjoy it.

Access to this kind of music is very easy because of free music that can be downloaded online. Mp3 files that contain the tracks of these artists can be searched in the Internet so that people can listen to them for free.

Weed is still highly prevalent today. It is still being sung about and there will be more songs written about it just like any other culture enjoyed by the youth.

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