Getting to Know Marijuana

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Known to many as the “gateway drug,” the use of marijuana as a recreational drug or as medicine has gained a lot of controversy.


But through all of this, there is still plenty of research being done with regards to its use in the medical field. In the US, there are 19 states which allow medicinal marijuana to be used by those who suffer from chronic pains, glaucoma or are undergoing treatment for their cancer.

Cannabis is the scientific name of marijuana. Some street names include weed, grass, ganja, MJ, Maryjane, pot, and reefer. Its main component, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), is what gives people a ‘high’ when they smoke or ingest it. THC has psychoactive effects. The most common way of consuming it, however is by smoking it in a pipe or as a joint. Many teenagers enjoy smoking it out of a bong, which adds to more fun as it uses a water chamber and sometimes percolators for a “cleaner” burn and a higher high.

It is mainly enjoyable due to its relaxing side effects. THC causes heightened senses because it is a hallucinogen which could change perception and awareness and some people truly can become dependent on marijuana. People who smoke weed say that they enjoy the way their world slows down and how they are able to enjoy simple things like listening to music, watching films, and eating. Many people who smoke weed experience an increased appetite because of their sense of taste. This is mainly the reason why it is given to people undergoing chemotherapy – because one of the side effects is that they lose their appetite and smoking marijuana helps them with that.
marijuana fall

THC is also fat soluble, which is what makes people able to ingest it through cookies, brownies, candies, and anything that uses butter or oil. This way of consuming weed is also popular for those who do not want to smoke it and still enjoy the benefits and the effects of THC. Weed brownies, often called space cakes, that use THC-infused butter are the most popular way by which people can eat it.

When it comes to overdosing on THC, the truth is that it is nearly impossible. For someone to die of a marijuana overdose, 36 pounds of it must be consumed to extract the amount of THC that is lethal. And this is almost impossible to happen to any human.

There is still much debate going on about marijuana legalization because it is considered by many as a drug but in terms of the harm it causes, it is actually safer than cigarettes and alcohol.

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