Reggae Music and Its Origins 2, Bob Marley mix

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Also associated with Rasta culture is the word “Jah” which is their term for God.

This is often mentioned in reggae songs even by other songwriters aside from Bob Marley.

Freedom is usually associated with reggae music as well. This theme is very popular because the Jamaicans only gained their independence in 1962. The Spanish ruled Jamaica for more than a century but the British spent almost four centuries ruling Jamaica. And this is why English is the most widely spoken language in this South American country.

The origins of reggae is not only attributed to music but to dance as well. But the truth is that it is more of music because it was said to have evolved from ska and rock steady which are earlier genres. But no matter where it began, it is a unique genre of music that takes its influences from different cultures. Aside from the Rastafari movements, there are also influences from African and American jazz and even rhythm and blues. All the elements add to its uniqueness.